Point Score:

The club has 3 point score swims per season awarding an end of year trophy for winner of Open, A grade, B grade and C grade.

100% ‘ers:

Swimmers can get 100% for the season only if they manage to swim at the pool between 9 and 10 am every Sunday from the start of the season until the end of August. September swims are just a bonus! This rule is a lot more strict than other clubs but when you get 100% at the Ockies you earn it!

The Blue Ockie:

This award is only open to 100% ‘ers and if more than one swimmer is eligible, there will be a ‘swim off’ for the honor.

‘Clubman of the year’ and ‘President’s award’:

These awards are presented to worthy members on the Presentation Day at the end of the season.

Life Membership:

This honorary title is awarded to those members who have been active participants for 15 years (with a worthy number of swims). Life membership can be awarded for members with fewer number of years if they have spent time with an active role on the committee.

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